Dear Dobson Family & Workers, The pool is fantastic! Took my first heavenly swim yesterday... a dream come true! Many Thanks!

I want to let you know how pleased we are with the pool construction. Your guys were quick and neat. You accomplished the job faster and more efficiently than we had expected. Your suggestions and recommendations turned out to be right on. You and your team improved our property immensely.

A thousand thanks for the gorgeous pool! It has changed the way the house looks and certainly changed the way we use the house. Everyone who has visited, including most recently some deliverymen from Pottery Barn, stop to admire it. It’s more beautiful than I had imagined and, although we had high expectations, even more fun than we had imagined (and we haven’t even had our first pool party!) Moreover, as suspected, it was a pleasure to work with you and your family: collaborative, responsive, sensitive to our priorities, sensitive to budget, etc.

I want to compliment you on the excellent design and workmanship of the pool installed at our property in Warren. The luxury elements of the installation are of particular note. I would also like to comment on the quality of your maintenance service. I find your team to be very responsive and maintenance has been performed on a regular and consistent basis. In total, Jim, we have spent a good deal of time together and the result is a good product and a good relationship.

I continue to be blown away by our experience with Dobson Pools. We are so grateful to have the gorgeous pool that we enjoy immensely; and the reliable and thorough service to keep it clean and beautiful; and the super responsive help whether it’s answering questions about equipment or maintenance. We had a great team with our renovations but even among several terrific vendors/partners, Dobson stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you to everyone!

Your crew is absolutely amazing and, it has been a joy watching them work. Not only are they conscientious and polite, but they truly are the hardest working group of people I have seen. I don’t think they took a break for longer than 5 minutes to eat a sandwich! We had our family back at the house yesterday and everyone was in awe of the amount of work that had been done in only two and half days! It is quite remarkable. Watching them work has also been sentimental as my grandfather, an Italian immigrant, worked in masonry and construction. I always thought *he* was the hardest working person I knew until I saw you and your team. Meeting your whole crew and hearing how close everyone is was quite heartwarming! I knew Dobson Pools was a family business but after meeting your crew I realize that family is so much bigger than I thought!